Phil Orr

Teaching Areas: Christchurch North West
Vehicle: Auto 2020 Suzuki Baleno

Lessons, practice tests and senior drives can be taken in students auto/manual vehicle.
Personal pronouns: He/Him
 English, Mandarin


Hi, my name is Phil.

Born in Singapore, raised in NZ, but will always be a kiwi boy. I’ve spent most of my years as a truck driver – then moved to China to become a teacher. This is where I learnt to really love teaching. When I returned, I wanted to combine my love of driving and teaching and so I became a driving instructor.

I pride myself in teaching students on how to be an active driver, a driver who’s always aware of their surroundings and who can connect with their car and the road, not just pass a test!

Each lesson is individual, and being dyslexic myself, I understand that everybody learns in different ways and the teacher must be flexible and patient. I strive to make each lesson fun and relaxed as this will help students to learn fast.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


With only 5 lessons, Phil taught me not only all the techniques that I would need to pass the restricted test (the first time I attempted the test, I passed), but he taught me how to drive a car. I'm easily distracted and sometimes find it difficult to learn. I did not alert Phil of this, however he realised quickly and taught me in a way that worked perfectly for how I learn best through all my lessons. A few times, my lessons with Phil were spread over a couple of months. Yet even though there had been such a long duration between each lesson, Phil jumped right back to where we left off and helped keep up the momentum of gaining skills in all the areas of driving a car and preparing for the Restricted Test. Phil has a warm and friendly nature. I am awful when it comes to meeting new people, and I was even more scared of the idea of having to be in a machine with dangerous capabilities with a person I'd never met before. However, after one minute with Phil, I felt right at home and very comfortable with the environment that Phil created in and out of the vehicle.


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