Testimonials - Gary Wilson

5 Stars


Gary is an amazing instructor, he gives clear instructions and great feedback

5 Stars


Very calm and collected. Very good at explaining what to be looking out for with hazards and how to improve in certain areas of your driving that need to be corrected. Overall, very professional and a great instructor.

5 Stars


Gary taught me to drive from fairly beginner through my restricted and full licence tests. He is a fantastic instructor, who is thorough, patient, and able to be versatile in teaching if you are not picking something up well with the first method taught. He has a great sense of humour and makes learning to drive a bit less stressful. I think I have probably recommended him to every person who has ever asked, so this is a well-earned review.

5 Stars


Gary really knows how to work with students who are just starting to learn the very basics of driving.

He was very understanding of my current skill level when I sat my very first driving lesson and appreciated very much how he observed, called out and corrected my mistakes in a very professional manner.

At the the end of the test, he highlighted the things I did properly and the key things I needed to work on as an assignment.

I'd highly recommend him especially to students that are really just starting to learn how to drive.

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