Janine Vorster


Teaching Areas: Tauranga
Vehicle: Manual 2023 Suzuki Swift GL

Auto lessons can be taken in students car
Personal pronouns: She/Her
 English; Afrikaans


Hi, my name is Janine.

Originally from South Africa. I was a restaurant owner until moving to our new home New Zealand where I started to work as a caregiver before starting my career as a AA driving instructor.  

I have always enjoyed working with people and I love helping my students achieve a life goal such as driving a vehicle and to gain their independence through driving. 

I try to bring calm to nervous drivers, and help them with their confidence, that will result in positive outcomes. I love knowing I contributed to that.  

My lessons are well structured and engaging; they can be adapted to your needs and learning style; and you will always feel supported and encouraged in your lessons to gain the skills required to be a safe and conscientious road user.  

I can’t wait to help you in your learning to drive journey. 


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