Nizam Hassan

Teaching Areas: West Auckland  
Vehicle: Manual 2021 Suzuki Swift

Practice tests and senior drives can be taken in student's car
Personal pronouns: He/Him
 English, Hindi, Fijian

Has experience teaching students with learning difficulties.


Hi, my name is Nizam.

My motto is simple. “Don’t just learn to drive; drive safely and responsibly.”

I’m more than a driving instructor – I’m a dedicated advocate for safe and confident driving. With almost a decade of experience shaping individuals of all ages and backgrounds into skilled drivers, my name is synonymous with patience, expertise, and a genuine love for the art of driving.

Acknowledging the nerve-wrecking experience of learning to drive, my calm and reassuring nature establishes a positive and comfortable learning atmosphere, whether you’re navigating busy intersections or mastering parallel parking. Beyond the mechanics, my passion lies in instilling a profound understanding of road safety, responsibility, and respect for fellow drivers.

Tailoring lessons to each unique student, I ensure a customized approach that addresses specific concerns and builds on existing strengths, fostering a sense of achievement. I’m not just creating drivers; I’m dedicated to cultivating safe drivers equipped to handle real-world challenges responsibly.

Join me on your initial driving journey, and let’s hit the road safely together.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Nizam was a really good instructor and he was very calm and informative. He taught me a lot and even offered to give me his L plate when I forgot mine. He gave really clear instructions and made me feel comfortable and calm driving on the road. Thanks very much to him.


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