Anil Welinkar

Teaching Areas: Christchurch North West
Vehicle: Automatic 2020 Suzuki Swift

Manual lessons can be taken in student’s vehicle
Personal pronouns: He/Him

Has experience working with students with disabilities. 


Hi there, my name is Anil.

I’ve been a driving instructor with the AA for 6+ years. Prior to joining AA, I used to train bus and truck drivers. I’ve had the honour of being recognized by the AA Fleet and Business team as one of the top 3 instructors in New Zealand.

I’m passionate about driving and teaching a new generation of learners. I believe in my ability to communicate clearly and to motivate students to learn. My motivation stems from positive feedback I get from my students. 

I believe that learning needs to be fun - it won’t be effective, otherwise.

So come on board and let’s make your training exciting!

Reviews 5 Star Rating


I had the pleasure of taking lessons with Anil at the AA driving school, and I couldn't be more impressed with his instruction. Anil is incredibly knowledgeable about driving and has a unique ability to teach practical skills clearly and concisely. He was exceptionally skilled at teaching me how to navigate roundabouts and the importance of signalling at the right time.

Anil's lessons were informative and enjoyable, making learning and retaining the information accessible. He was also very good at explaining the problems and related knowledge points I encountered during driving in a way that was easy to understand. He is not just a coach but also a great teacher who makes you understand the process and the reason behind it, which is really beneficial. I would highly recommend Anil as a driving instructor to anyone looking to pass their test. Thanks to Anil, I got my full license today!


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