Deon Jordaan


Teaching Areas:  Napier, Hastings

Vehicle: 2024 Suzuki Swift Turbo

Manual lessons can be taken in student’s vehicle

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Languages:  English, Afrikaans


Hello, my name is Deon.

I arrived in NZ from South Africa over 20 years ago. My career before instructing was in the car sales industry. This taught me the importance of listening to people’s requirements. I intend to carry on this modus operandi to assist new drivers advance through the various stages of their driving career and achieve their full license with confidence.

I taught my daughter to drive, in a manual transmission car, to the extent that she passed her full driving test at the first attempt! I have the patience and motivation to enable every Learner driver to gain the necessary skills to master the art of driving a motor vehicle with confidence.

I enjoy helping my students achieve their goals and seeing their confidence grow and inevitably find their independence through driving.

I would like to impart my knowledge and skills to young, new and experienced drivers to keep NZ’s roads as safe as possible.




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