Dharmendra Krishnan

Teaching Areas: Wellington Central
Vehicle: Automatic 2021 Suzuki Baleno

Manual lessons can be taken in student’s vehicle
Personal pronouns: He/Him
 English, Hindi


Hi, my name is Dharmendra but you can call me Krish. 

Originally from Fiji, my background is in teaching, training and development. I joined the transportation industry and managed a fleet of transport providers that included training drivers how to be safe on the road. After 10 years, I decided on a career change and became a qualified driving instructor. 

My aim is to achieve the best outcome for my students, encourage them to go outside of their comfort zones when they’re ready, and to see a smile on their faces when they achieve their goals.

I treat each new student as an individual and discuss personalised plans that will help them deal with any challenge they might face on our roads.

Gaining a driver licence is very important for those wanting more independence and I look forward in assisting you to achieve this. 

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Krish is an amazing instructor! Two months ago, when I first met him my driving skill level was 0. At the beginning I was only comfortable to drive in an empty carpark. Today I passed my restricted test with 0 critical error.
I held my learners license for 9 years and never practiced as I always had fear of driving. 4 years ago I went for some instructor who was very impatient and grumpy despite I told him I was scared of driving. Because of that instructor I felt I was stupid on driving and thought I would never be able to drive. I only went for 1 lesson with that instructor then I stopped and gave up on driving.

As circumstances changed I had to learn driving. So 2 months ago I booked a lesson with Krish, I told him my fear of driving (same thing I told the instructor I went for 4 years ago). Krish was so calm, patient and firm that he told me I did not need to worry as he would help me to achieve the skill of driving. Then he guided me step by step. I was so terrified when I first drove on roads. I remember in the first two lessons I told him I could not believe I would ever be able to drive. He always encouraged me and believed in me when he instructed me. I had big fear but obviously he could see my true skill level over my fear because how professional and experienced he is as a driving instructor. He never forced me to do any driving that would make me uncomfortable. However, he knew how to pushed me out of my comfort zone whenever he felt I was ready. He always knew how to instruct me and correct me when I did not drive safely or just completely had no idea how to drive. Under his instruction, I slowly got rid of my fear of driving, learned real driving techniques and became confident while still being cautious when driving.

Thanks to Krish, from 0 driving skill to passing R test without any critical error, from strong fear to confidence. Anyone looking for a great driving instructor, Dharmendra Krishnan (Krish) is highly recommended!!!


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