Elmar Strohmeier


Teaching Area:  New Plymouth

Vehicle: Auto 2023 Suzuki Swift GL

Manual lessons can be done in students vehicles

Personal pronouns: He/Him
 English, German

Hi, my name is Elmar.
I’m from a small village in Austria originally and I have travelled the world on many different roads. My previous career was as a chef for many years but felt I wanted a change.

Having spent many years in different fields, I’ve built up the skills to educate young people to become safe and responsible drivers. I found my passion for driving instruction when I was teaching my children to drive. I can work very well with different people so instructing seemed like a good direction to steer myself to.

As a driving instructor, my goal is to empower individuals to navigate the roads with the required skills and a deep understanding of responsible driving practices. I enjoy teaching students as I find the results most satisfying and it gives me great pleasure to see young people thrive to become safe and confident drivers.

I look forward to directing you through your driving journey!





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