Satish Talwar


Teaching Areas: Central West Auckland
Vehicle: Automatic 2023 Suzuki Swift
Personal pronouns: He/Him

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi


Hi, my name is Satish 

Originally from India, my background is in textiles. Over the years, I helped coach some of my colleagues and relatives to gain their full driver’s license and it gave me a great deal of personal satisfaction. This got me thinking about pursuing the career of driving instruction. 

As a driving instructor, my goal is to help each of my students become safe, responsible and confident drivers. I achieve this by creating a comfortable and supportive learning environment where students can ask questions and practice driving skills without feeling pressured or rushed. My kind and honest approach really helps my students in their journey.
My teaching style is personalized to each student’s unique needs; and I pride myself on my patience, flexibility, and dedication to their success. While my main focus is road safety, I also believe that learning to drive should be fun and enjoyable. 

I can’t wait to be a part of your learning to drive journey.


Reviews 5 Star Rating


Satish was a great driving instructor who helped me greatly when practicing for my restricted test. He helped to build my confidence when driving, and was always very focussed and patient. Satish taught me all the skills and manoeuvres necessary to not just pass my practical test, but also to become a safer, more knowledgable driver. The feedback and advice I received from him was majorly helpful in bettering my driving, and his encouraging, constructive method of teaching not only developed my skills, but kept me at ease and reassured while driving in new situations. I would recommend Satish to any driver wanting to develop their skills/prepare for a test.


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