Tina Hughes


Teaching Areas: Palmerston North  
Vehicle: Auto 2020 Suzuki Baleno

Manual lessons can be taken in student’s vehicle
Personal pronouns: She/Her


Greetings! My name is Tina. 

I’ve been driving for over 30yrs, in careers that involved a substantial amount of daily driving.   

I love driving: it gives a great sense of freedom, independence, and allows for your own sense of adventure and control over your journey. 

Over the years, the driving styles and behaviours I’ve seen have been eye-opening and concerning. This varied from our learner drivers to much more seasoned and experienced drivers. 

Becoming an instructor meant that I could bring my love of driving and teaching together - no matter the students age or experience - to create a safer, confident and aware driver with best practice driving habits. 

I’m a driving instructor with a passion which I want to bring out in every student; to help them become safer, confident drivers with a strong focus on being aware, and being ready to respond.  

Look forward to being of service to you soon. 










Review 5 Star Rating


I’ve just passed my restricted drivers test and the first thing the testing officer asked once I had finished was if I had any driving lessons and after I answered yes she commented that she could definitely tell. I wanted to thank Tina for all the excellent help she provided even over a small amount of time. Her teaching was invaluable and had taught me so many crucial points. I couldn’t have done it with out her. Thanks


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