Rina Capila

Teaching Areas: West Auckland
Vehicle: Auto 2022 Suzuki Swift

Personal pronouns: She/Her

Languages: English, Filipino

Has experience teaching students with learning difficulties.

Hi, my name is Rina.

I’m originally from the Philippines and graduated with a degree in Engineering. My real passion stems from my current role of a Driving Instructor.

From my experience in teaching other nationalities, it is exciting to learn their background, culture and their similarities (and differences) between. I enjoy learning why they need to drive, their life story and dreams. I feel accomplished when they arrive on that “a-ha” moment.

I have experience teaching deaf, autistic and Asperger’s students - the logistical challenge proved no barrier. My lessons are fun and engaging and my students feel safe and supported when with me. 

I am also a driver mentor in a community. The best part of the job is hearing from my students about how driving has changed their lives.

I look forward to helping you on your learning to drive journey.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Rina Capila was amazing. She very nicely told us all the things my son needed to do and improve on to pass his test. She was calm, confident and gave lots of constructive feedback and reminders to do all the things that would make him a safer driver.


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